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"So ...this is what it feels like," said James "Logan" Howlett in possibly one of the saddest scenes of cinematic history as he let go of Laura's hands. Goodbyes were said, tears were shed, and devotees experienced an all-new sense of admiration for the century-and-a-half old character. As an homage to this spirit of utmost dedication towards X-men, our design team began putting in thought towards creating a little something for the fans in the form of x-men leather jackets. Details were considered; origins were kept accurate, and out emerged our bold and fierce replications of Wolverine Leather Jackets.  

If you find yourself bored of your monotonous life and possibly your wardrobe, it's about time it gets a superhero upgrade. Let's face it; kid or adult, an x-men origins wolverine jacket is far from any childish choice. It is, in fact, bold and, in the case of one of our replications, very versatile and practical. The design process specifically ensured the product's authenticity towards the Hugh Jackman Jacket from the movies itself. They are made of 100% genuine top-grain, drum-dyed cowhide leather. It offers a uniquely distressed style that adds a very distinct macho effect to these marvel wolverine jackets.  They are ideal for everyday fashion and can even double as a wolverine motorcycle jacket

Each of our products in this production line has been made to reflect absolute attention to detail. We begin with a quality leather base that has been structured by polyester threading and satin lining, both of which come in handy in cooler temperatures. These wolverine men's jackets then feature original YKK front zippers, exterior, interior, breast pocket storage, and Nehru style collar tabs. The camel strips on the arms, collars, waists, and overall CE-approved removable protectors work to amplify the beastly vibe of this Logan leather jacket. You can further personalize your x-men jacket with a choice of speed hump, perforation, and even stretch material.  

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