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  1. Trench Coat Women
    Amelia Earhart’s Leather Trench Coat Women
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Every woman has at least one leather trench coat in her wardrobe, be it a long trench coat for women or a short trench coat. And it is for all the right reasons! It is one of the most respected pieces in women's fashion; just drop into a leather jacket for an immediate upgrade if you're short on time. Or, if you go to dinner/date, you will love it with a leather hooded trench coat over a comfy blouse and straight jeans, ending the look with a pair of fashionable ankle boots. Leather trench coats come in different types and designs, depending on the customers' preferences. The cut texture, paired with a classic leather jacket, offers a beautiful look that can never go unnoticed.

Nothing is as stylish as women's leather coats, now available as ladies' trench coats or winter trench coats. The days have gone by where you can see women marching in uniformed order in black trench coats. On the opposite, female trench coats underwent many fascinating changes due to lifestyle changes, geography, and age preferences. Similarly, Leather Collection has helped discover ways and means to incorporate high-quality winter coats focused on consumer preferences and interests for women's wear.

From the cut and volume of the coat to the color, style, length, and much more, we have a lot to offer to our customers. We take pride in our artisans' skills and are confident of our product range, and are willing to adapt each product to the customer's preferences. Our most popular products are available in a range of colors, including a black trench coat for women, a beige trench coat, and a pink trench coat. 

We continuously strive to incorporate innovative ways to make interesting women's outerwear, be it women's winter coats or women's leather coats or trench coats for women. Many of our women's coats are made of suede or genuine soft leather. This ensures the ultimate comfort of wearing with a perfect combination of styles!


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