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Motorcycle Suits associate with a history of great prestige. Flashback World War II, and you'd find motorcyclists running messages all across. As a way of expressing gratitude, the army redesigned these messengers' outfits inspired much by protective gears of different sorts. These military origins set the fundamentals for the full-body race leathers that are, in fact, a revolutionary symbol of the present. Motorcycle racing suits vary between one-piece leathers and two-piece leathers in the current market, each with its own set of pros and cons. However, a well-constructed leather suit serves as a protective barrier in the face of impacts and the environment, regardless of the kind. Such is the case with the all-inclusive range of motorcycle leather suits present in-store over at Leather Collection. Categorically for riders and enthusiasts altogether, these one-piece racing suits and 2-piece motorcycle racing suits for both men and women are the real track slayers! 

Having dedicated so many years to the craft only, our material of choice is of the finest drum-dyed quality made to withstand thorough testing. We have in-store cowhide leather, Monaco leather, and kangaroo leather as potential options for fabric. The user is then at liberty to choose a total of 4 colors that will constitute the screen-printed graphics aesthetic. These motorcycle racing leathers can even be made to incorporate stretch-material and speed-hump upon your preference. This mainly works excellent in motorbike one-piece suit as they are made to function as a single aerodynamic unit. 

The degree of customization extends even greater by presenting a range of accessories to ornament the motorbike suit. From beaded neck to micro-perforation and even silicone grip bands, the options are limitless. For 2-piece motorcycle leathers, especially the leg-over-boot design and chest protector attachment are beneficial inclusions. We even have a number of kids motorbike suits for the young and fierce heroes out there on the tracks. That is to say, motorcycle tracksuits have a little bit for everybody, and we are here to ensure that!

motorcycle leather suits

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