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  1. Michael Jackson Leather Jacket
    Leather Michael Jackson Jacket Pepsi Black & White
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  2. Michael Jackson Beat It Jacket
    Michael Jackson Beat It Jacket Leather
    Special Price $296.25 Regular Price $395.00
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When the king of pop declared, "My attitude says, if fashion says it's forbidden, I'm going to do it," he was not in the least kidding. With the dawn of each new year, Michael Jackson rose to a greater stardom degree, and so did his fashion choices. His rebellious choice of garments was an equally inspiring aspect of his persona, as was his music. He began the fashion jacket tradition, and we are here to let the legacy live on, presenting three of the most iconic Michael Jackson Leather Jackets for the true devotees. 

First, we have in-store what could be deemed the most ground-shattering outfit choices, the Michael Jackson red leather jacket generally called the Beat It Jacket. Back in the 80s, when beat it truly bewildered the admirers and had all its competitors knocked off, you'd find almost every kid on the block-rocking replica of this Michael Jackson red jacket. Our version of the Michael Jackson Beat it Jacket remains true to the roots with impeccable quality and vintage design.

Next up, are you even a true Michael Jackson fan if you haven't binged to the Next Generation Pepsi commercial tune? The Michael Jackson Pepsi Jacket worn in that commercial is such a timeless garment that it still manages to remain relevant. This Michael Jackson black leather jacket with shades of white satisfies modern fashion demands and is highly sought-after. Our version of the Michael Jackson Pepsi Jacket is made of soft genuine leather with very authentic detailing. 

Saving the best for the last, we also have in-store the unprecedented king of Michael Jackson Leather Jackets, the Michael Jackson thriller leather jacket. Being the first MTV's world premiere videos, Thriller radically transformed how pop music was viewed globally. The thriller jacket, on the other hand, was equally ground-shattering. Our replication of the Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket reflects the original piece's accurate detailing and presents a fine-cut V-shape with perfect accessories.