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Motorcycle riding is an exhilarating adventure given the extensive exposure the rider gets to enjoy with the surroundings. However, this very factor is capable of simultaneously posing a great many hazards to the driver himself. With so much vulnerability, bike riders are expected to stick by effective protective measures strictly. Companies and consumers are so absorbed in attaining the right clothing in the general run of things that some otherwise significant aspects end up being overlooked, for example, well-structured footwear. The casual flip-flops or even your everyday joggers are futile in this regard. Specially designed for intense bike riding, browse through our collection of leather motorcycle boots and put your safety in the hands of the best.

The details on these biker boots are tough and exhibit mastery of craft because what good is a boot if it can’t stand the test of time? Soft-milled and lightweight fabric constitutes the boots. The upper construction is thoroughly full-grain leather. The manufacturing has been done around Airtech lining that mainly works excellent in warm weather. The leather biker boots also feature a highly protective outer layer that operates in opposition to temperature intensities, abrasion, cuts, etc. Such a composition also allows the feet to breathe and eliminate room for excessive sweating. 

Both the men’s biker boots and women’s leather biker boots offer excellent protection from the toe to the ankle. Many features assist the process, durable microfiber, and innovative air vents, to name a few. A slip-resistant dual rubber compound sole is the base the entire structure stands upon. It offers exceptional traction on oil, water, and surfaces of all sorts. To add on, we even have motorcycle waterproof boots and biker boots with studsSome of our designs even provide a TPU molded guard shield armor at ankle and heel, the black biker boots, for instance. 


leather motorcycle boots

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