How much does a racing suit cost?

The answer to this question is very easy yet tricky, the suit shouldn’t cost you serious injuries or threaten your life. Race suits available in maker starts from 250 $ to thousands of dollars.

What should you avoid?

I want to draw your attention to the safety features rather than the cost of a racing suit. Racing suits selling on Amazon, e-commerce platforms, online stores, and especially on eBay are not fit for racing. They could cause you serious injuries, an unfortunate event that could result in a permanent disability, or even your life.

Most of the suits selling on these platforms cost between 250 to 350 USS $. On the other side, world-renowned brands like Alpinestars and Dainese are selling some of their protectors that cost more than these suits. You can imagine what type of quality they are providing out of this cost, in fact, they are putting your life in danger to earn a few dollars. If you value your life you should avoid this kind of stuff.

What should you focus on?

A motorcycle race suit must have 1.1 to 1.2 mm thick abrasion resistance leather, main seams safety stitching, and minimum CE Level-1 approved protection system. A race suit with these minimum specifications should not cost you more than 450 $.

As far as the quality of leather, quality of material improves, safety features and safety standards improve the price of the race suit increases. Leather Collection meets International quality and standards and is known for its quality products and services and provides you best value over price race suits.