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Fashion experts call leather 'Fashion Gold' due to numerous reasons. Like gold, leather coats are expensive yet lovingly cherished. To deliver a really chic and trendy look, this elegant garment can be combined with almost anything. Being expensive and close-to-heart, people prefer to be very careful about maintaining their designer leather coats. This means washing them in a safe environment and protecting them so that the leather does not get humid. The best choice for washing garments has always been dry cleaning for any costly items. However, regardless of their friends and family's different stories and suggestions, individuals are always cautious about handing their leather coats to the dry cleaners.


For a formal shirt or a tie, a coat or a jacket, dry-cleaning is a simple way to clean and iron your clothing and look as elegant as ever. The same does not generally extend to leather coats or other leather goods. The reason is that leather coats or leather goods undergo several procedures and treatments to obtain the color, texture, and even appearance of your leather coat. It is perhaps not the first alternative or choice that anyone will take, particularly those who value and treasure their leather coat as a valued asset. Though dry-cleaning would actually clean your leather coat, it will also reverse all the therapies and procedures it has undergone to give you a special feel and look. Those who want to dry-clean their leather coat should anticipate a shift of texture, a distinct feeling that almost mimics a leather coat belonging to someone else. For this cause, leather coat owners are encouraged to seek skilled support and assistance when faced with leather coats' maintenance and care. You should seek professional support from someone who is extremely qualified in leather handling and has a strong knowledge of what kinds of leather need the process of dry-cleaning. It would also be a perfect activity to improve your leather coat's quality to go to a leather specialist for some assistance, especially for dry-cleaning.


The name dry cleaning is, to some extent, inaccurate: it is not really a dry procedure. Various solvents, such as hydrocarbons, are used to treat clothes instead of using water and detergents. In this washing process, no moisture is used, hence the term "dry cleaning." In this procedure, clothes are put in a huge solvent machine that removes marks and stains, and cleans the clothes. They are dried in the same or different machine after the products have been washed and later ironed.


  • Oil and fat are not water-soluble, which ensures that the stains cannot be removed by water. On the other side, dry cleaning solvents can easily remove stains and marks without damaging the leather.


  • In the solvent, the beadings can undergo discoloration or disintegration.
  • Undistilled chemicals can be harsh and transform the white color into grey by low-cost dry-cleaning machines. The treatment process can be specifically hard for black leather coats.


People also have the impression that leather long coats should not be dry cleaned. In reality, many users also advocate refraining from dry cleaners if you go through numerous forums on the internet sharing leather coat care instructions. This is only untrue, though. Of course, you have to find a dry cleaner who is an expert in cleaning leather coats, but following this cleaning procedure for your most costly clothing piece is actually completely safe.

Frequently washing and cleaning leather coats will decrease their longevity, and it is thus not possible to blame only dry cleaning for decreasing the longevity of your leather coat. The coat is expected to last for a shorter period of time, even if you clean your leather coat at home using improper methods. The trick here is to use effective cleaning procedures and see them from the coat’s label. This includes preventing from washing and ironing it.

Whenever costly clothing arrives from the dry cleaner, such as a suit, leather coat or formal wear, it is carefully covered in plastic wrapping. Most people keep the clothing piece that way before they next wear it, hoping it will remain cleaner. This is really false, though. If your leather coats for men remain in the plastic covering for too long, insects would be drawn to them since they can become either damp or too hot. These bugs can leave behind compounds that are hard to extract at times. Thus, it is best to remove the plastic covering before placing your coat in your wardrobe.  If you're worried your coat could get dusty, spend on a good quality fabric covering for your leather coats.

Hence, dry-cleaning your leather coat would be the safest solution to your leather coat’s maintenance and care. The only precaution to keep in mind is seeking a leather expert’s assistance for this purpose who knows how to handle your cherished garment.

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